The history of Thorens goes back to 1883 when Hermann Thorens founded a factory in St-Croix in Switzerland for music boxes and drives. In 1903 the first Thorens phonograph came on the market, and in 1906 the production of gramophones started (78 rpm). Thorens later also started producing lighters. Their “Standard Original” model was introduced in 1919 and was successful enough to convince the company to continue to manufacture lighters until approximately 1964.

The most sought after lighter models of Thorens are made between 1919 and 1933. The company, later on, moved into making record turntables, speakers, and other music items. They still produce record players until this day.

In 1927, the Thorens Double Claw Semi-Automatic Petrol Lighter was introduced and while some lament the loss of the unique cutout look of its predecessor (the Single Claw), its robustness in opening suits it all the same. The Double Claw, in general, has a more solid, sturdy feel to it and when tuned right, never fails to light. This model was produced in the 1940s.

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