The Cartier Le Must lighters are well known for their high quality and simple but prestine looks. Cartier began manufacturing lighters in the 1930’s, and its first gas lighters launched in the 1970s (as var as my research goes).

These Cartier lighters are really well-engineered. The gas tank is one unit with the filling valve and outlet valve attached. It can be compared to the ink cartridges used in every ballpoint pen of decent quality, where every cartridge has a new tip. The tank can easily be removed by unscrewing the flint screw and removing the back plate. This makes repairing or replacing the gas tank very easy.

This lighter was the first generation of gas lighters, the Les Must line of Cartier, where the flame height can only be adjusted by removing the tank and adjusting the outlet valve. Newer generations have an adjustment wheel on the bottom plate. As of today, Cartier does not repair but only replace gas tanks, and they don’t manufacture the older generation tanks without flame adjusters anymore.

This lighter features a very smooth stripe-cut pattern and a high-quality gold-plated finish. An upside of the ‘Pentagon’ Cartier lighter is that due to its asymmetry, its front is easier to find in the hand to smoothly open the lighter. Regular Cartier Le Must lighters are so symmetrical and seamlessly made that it often takes a few turns around to find the right side (just like you always plug a USB cable wrong the first time :)).

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