The Lighterhouse

My name is Max Meijster, currently a student at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands, as well as the mind behind The Lighterhouse.

I wish to inspire more people into collecting and appreciating vintage lighters, how plain and simple they may seem at first. I wish to share my passion for lighters. What I enjoy most is collecting lighters from all sorts of obscure places and refurbishing them, as well as the interaction between my customers – my fellow enthusiasts.


With the world becoming more and more aware of its ecological footprint, the only sensible thing to do is to buy second hand; to buy a durable, ever-lasting lighter. Everyone nowadays carries those plastic disposable lighters. Not only is the plastic waste enormous and do they litter everywhere, do you remember the last time that you emptied such a lighter? Most get lost before they are even used up halfway, which makes the total amount of energy being lost even greater. With the oceans filling up with microplastics, the only way to battle that is to change our habits. Buying a lighter that lasts a lifetime is already a great start.


Our archive is a fast collection of all kinds of lighters, with the goal to make a timeless vault of information about these smoking accessories. everything from high-quality photos, in-depth research, a scale of rarity and a price guide. Previously this was done through books, however, books get outdated.

The Lighterhouse provides a source of valuable information that can’t be found anywhere else. This is achieved with the help of a lot of experts and a significant amount of research. The purpose of this archive is to preserve the information behind lighters and their manufacturers. A true library of information for auction houses, pawnshops, production designers and of course everyone from enthusiasts to serious collectors. As such I want to supply these and make a platform where enthusiasts can come to learn, share thoughts or help one another with answering their questions.

What is

This website is currently getting overhauled and will soon welcome its online shop. Due to this maintenance, selling lighters from this website is as of yet not possible. I opened an Etsy shop to resort to instead, so all sales will go through there.

The next step for The Lighterhous is to sell lighter parts and do-it-yourself repair kits to repair your lighter. From my own experience, having a leaking gas lighter or a petrol lighter missing a spring is the worst nightmare. Tossing them would be the loss of a story. On the other hand, getting your lighter repaired is inconvenient and expensive at best, if of course there even is someone repairing your specific lighter in the first place. That is why we want you to be able to repair your lighter from the comfort of your home. Initially repair kits will be available for lighters such as Ronsons, Dunhills and Duponts since these repair kits seem to be in high demand!

That is the plan for now, if you have any recommendations on what lighters I should provide repair kits or part sets for, don’t hesitate to contact me trough Instagram or e-mail! Hope to see you soon in my shop!