The iconic Zippo lighter is a reusable metal lighter produced by Zippo Manufacturing Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States. The Zippo is the perfect everyday carry, as it is as reliable and versatile as it is beautiful.

This Zippo was made for the crew of the Dutch frigate HR. MS. Piet Heyn. The Frigate was put into service in 1981, en served up until 1998 for the Dutch marine before being sold to the United Arab Emirates. It served in the United Arab Emirates Navy until 2005 before being put out of service. However, the hull turned out to be in such good condition that it served as the basis for the mega yacht Yas. The price of YAS is reported to lie close to US $180 million, and she is ranked in 11th place on the list of largest superyachts in the world

On the back of the lighter, the emblem of the STANAVFORLANT can be seen. STANAVFORLANT (renamed to Standing NATO Maritime Group One, or SNMG1 in 2005) is one of NATO’s standing naval maritime immediate reaction forces. SNMG1 consists of four to six destroyers and frigates. Its role is to provide NATO with an immediate operational response capability. HR. MS. Piet Heyn served in this force.

Made between 1967-75 in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada.

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