The iconic S.T. Dupont name is known for quality, well-made cigarette lighters and other luxury implements. The company’s origin can be traced to Simon Tissot-Dupont opening his workshop shop in Paris in 1872 after his previous one burned down. The production of lighters started in 1941 with their first petrol lighter. Over time, S.T. Dupont became famous for manufacturing the world’s most complicated and sophisticated luxury lighters. Even to this day, the iconic name carries its legacy.

In the late 1950s, S.T. Dupont decided to move away from regular petrol lighters as seen on the initial Essence model and following D 57 model. This new model edition would be the Ligne 1 Briquet Standard (BS), or translated to Standard lighter for easier understanding.

This S.T. Dupont linge 1 BS features a 24k rose gold plating with a diamond-cut design. Made approximately in the 1970s, There were many finishes, patterns and colours available for this successful lighter. This lighter does not have a way to adjust the flame height, instead, it has a little knob wonder the lid that can be pushed into the lighter to block the gas, so the flint can safely be replaced.

Please note that the Ligne 1 lighter doesn’t make a “ping” sound when you open them, that’s characteristic of the Linge 2 models.

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