According to the dictionary, Caledon is a color somewhere between pale green and grayish green or porcelain of the same color. Of the many Wedgwoods used by Ronson, This may be the only Caledon. It appears to be an artist’s edition of a sea shell. marked on the lighter bottom, “Ronson Trademark Made in England”. The Ceramic itself is marked on the bottom “Ofeturia & Barlaston Wedgwood Celadon Made in England”. Fun fact, Josiah Wedgwood’s daughter, Susannah, was the mother of Charles Darwin. Mentioned on page 411 in the book “Ronson, The World’s Greatest lighter” (Urban K. Cumming, source of the text above)


Cummings, U. K. (2000). Ronson, the World’s Greatest Lighter: Wick Lighters, 1913-2000. Adfo Books.

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