This Ronson Touch Tip is a perfect example of the famous automatic torch-lighters made back in the day. Made by Art Metal Works, Newark ca. 1945. Named “Grecian” because of the Greco-Roman Column motif on the body. Patented by L. Aronson in 1934/35. Early moders had a rectangular cover over the flint wheel and a round shaft wand with cylindrical knob. Later versions like this one, manufactured after the war, featured a curved flint wheel cover, and a square shaft wand with tapered cone knob.

The black enamel with chromium-plated fitment and cylindrical knob beautifully complement each other. The color is still stunning with minor wear. In perfect working order. As mentioned on page 172 in the book “Ronson, The World’s Greatest lighter” (Urban K. Cumming)


Cummings, U. K. (2000). Ronson, the World’s Greatest Lighter: Wick Lighters, 1913-2000. Adfo Books.

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