The Nimrod Pipe Lighter was the best-selling pipe lighter in America, with millions being produced. The patent was filled in 1946 and awarded in 1947. In the 1960’s Nimrod was selling a million lighters per year (including the “Commander”, another lighter by Nimrod)  No serial numbers or production markings make it possible to tell when each lighter was made, unfortunately.

The lighter is used by holding it horizontal, so the hole faces upwards. Grab both ends of the lighter while placing your thump on the sparkwheel. Then pull the lighter out and rotate the sparkwheel at the same time to lite the wick. Now you can easily hold your tobacco pipe underneath the flame and pull the flame downwards by inhaling through the pipe. These lighters are made of high quality and are not to be confused with the fake brass replicas now being produced in china (and sold on Etsy).

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