IMCO is one of the oldest pocket lighter manufacturers in history. Julius Meister founded in 1907 the Austrian button and metal goods factory, Julius Meister & Co (JMCO). In 1918, After the first world war, they began producing petrol lighters. The busniss was a success and IMCO made millions of lighters until 2012. IMCO is known around the world for their high quality. They always work.

“IMCO®, the World’s Supreme Lighter since 1918!”

The IMCO Triplex was first introduced in 1937. This lighter would spring open with a push of a button to replace the flint. Reliable and very well made, these lighters will probably outlive you. The fuel tank can be withdrawn from the lighter after being ignited, so it’s easier to light a (tobacco) pipe or to use it as a candle.

These silver sleeved IMCOs were mostly brought back by Dutch soldiers from Indonesia. Each sleeve is individually made, which results in a unique piece. The sleeve is as far as I know always made of sterling 800 silver. Note that the fuel cap must say “Patent Austria” and not “Patent made in Austria” for the inside lighter to be period correct with the time that the sleeve was made.

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