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S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont lighters are among the most well-known and iconic luxury lighters there are. This guide will help you distinguise real S.T. Dupont lighters from fakes, Help you date your lighter to the exact year, feature all different lighters and models produced and explain how to propperly how to maintane your lighter. A full guide provided by The Lighterhouse

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Autenticating S.T. Dupont lighters

As with all items that are worth something, someone will try to replicate it, with S.T. Dupont lighters being no less. You can find tons of fake Dupont lighters on Etsy and Ebay, ether by scammers of people who were already scammed. Here is a guide to reconize and avoid them.

There are 3 main steps into confirming the authentisity of a lighter:

Serial Number

Authentic S.T. Dupont Linge 2:
Hand stamped bottom

The best way to see if an Dupont lighter is real or fake is looking at the serial number on the bottom side of the lighter. Linge 2 lighters are the most faked dupont lighters.

The serial number on original S.T. Dupont lighters is stamped in by hand. Fakes and knock-offs on the other have engraved codes.

The difference can be seen in the fact that stamped codes are not perfect. some letters are a little bit out of line, and the thicknes on the letters may differ. Engraven codes are perfect and in line.

Fake S.T. Dupont:
Engraved bottom

Somethimes its hard to see if the code is stamped. It happens they were just lucky with the stamping and everything aligns perfectly. When in doubt, check to see if your first three letters are in the list to the right. There are already a large amount of codes known to be fake. This list doesnt include all fakes, there are more.

However, Dupont also produced some limited edition lighters. These limited productions are numberd, and have instead of a serial number their own number in the producrtion: 0400/1000
Something like this means that lighter was number 400 out of a limited edition of 1000 ever produced. fuel cap and price are a better measure for autenticating in this case.

Fake Serial codes

  • 4FK… (most common)
  • 05D
  • 06D
  • 14A
  • 1GM
  • 1AA
  • 1A8
  • 1FJ
  • 1GC
  • 1KS


  • 19LT
  • 2A0
  • 2YJ
  • 2JN
  • 2FJ
  • 6FN
  • 7FN
  • 8A3
  • 93T
  • O4D

Fuel Cap

Also a excellent way to tell something about the lighter is the fuel cap. Dupont produces their lighters with special filler valves, so you only can fill your Dupont lighter with their own butane bottles (nowadays there are option to bypass this with an aftermarket adapter and regulate butane canisters). However, Dupont released different valves over the years, and thus coming with different refill canisters. They are all collor coded, and the inside od the fuel cap of your dupont has a color matching a different canister. Their are Green, red, blue and gold (yellow). If your fuel ca does not havy any collored paint on the inside, it means eather the cap was replaced by an aftermarket one, or it could hint that the whole lighter is not genuin.


When buying lighters on the internet, price is most of the times a dead give away. Fake lighters for sale have a number of red flags. what you see most are:

New account, no reviews, no trustable seller
No picture of the bottom (Always avoid!)
Short/no description of the lighter
Cheap price

With everything in life, if its to good to be true, it is. Dont forget, brand new S.T. Dupont lighters are well over 800 euros, and limited edition go for thousands of euros. If you see a brand new "dupont" lighter being sold for 250 euro's, it is definitely fake.

In general, try to avoid Ebay of Etsy seller. Here at The Lighterhouse, we garantee 100% athenticity of all our products. Buy with trust at an expert.