The iconic Dunhill name has a reputation for quality, well-made cigarette lighters and other smoking implements. The company’s origin can traces back to Alfred Dunhill opening his first tobacco shop in London in 1907. Over time, Dunhill was responsible for some of the finest petrol and butane lighters in the world. Even to this day, the iconic name carries its legacy.

This Silent Flame Table Lighter was manufactured by Parker of London Ltd. in New York (U.S.A.) between 1935 and 1944. The invention patented in 1935 was known as the electric cigar lighter “of the type wherein a wick is ignited through the heat of an electrical resistance element” and was very popular in the Art Deco period.

The depicted silent flame lighter is known as the “Fan Dancer” inspired by Sally Rand. It was also sold as the “Aphrodite” – “Graceful nude statuette in gleaming chromium, mounted on a plastic base. Touch lighter unit to any part of figure for a quick, sure flame”. The very same version was marketed by Dunhill.

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