The iconic Dunhill name is known for quality, well-made cigarette lighters and other smoking implements. The company’s origin can be traced to Alfred Dunhill opening his first tobacco shop in London in 1907. Over time, Dunhill was responsible for some of the world’s finest petrol and butane lighters. Even to this day, the iconic name carries its legacy.

The Dunhill Rollalite table lighter featured the same mechanism as the rollalite pocket version. They were first introduced in 1949 and discontinued in 1956 as with all the wick lighters (since the first butane lighters by Dunhill were launched). There were five different finishes, all engine-turned. There was the rhodium-plated finish as the base model, but it also was available in silver-plated like this one, gold-plated, sterling silver and 18-carat gold.

The base of the plated lighters are padded with green felt. The fuel screw is marked with “Dunhill Rollalite”. if you were to remove the green felt you can also see the patent number “U.S.PAT. No. 2.102.108”.


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