The iconic Dunhill name is known for quality, well-made cigarette lighters and other smoking implements. The company’s origin can be traced to Alfred Dunhill opening his first tobacco shop in London in 1907. Over time, Dunhill was responsible for some of the world’s finest petrol and butane lighters. Even to this day, the iconic name carries its legacy.

The Dunhill Rollagas is the most well-known and sold lighter Dunhill ever produced. The first generation of butane rollagas lighters was introduced in 1953 in limited numbers, before officially launching in 1956. The Rollagas was based upon its predecessor the Dunhill rollalite, which worked on petrol. The rollagas has had many iterations and improvements over the years and is still produced to this day, selling for around 750 euros for the base model.

This solid silver Dunhill Rollagas is truly eye candy. Fully functional, sparks great and does not leak. The lighter has been customized with a handmade solid 925 silver outer jacket by an Italian silversmith back in the day. The 925 silver hallmark and silversmith stamp can be seen on the bottom of the jacket. After some research, the silversmith’s hallmark traces back to Florence, Italy. Made approximately in the 1970s.


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